30 June 2024: What’s going on?

As I write, there is a big problem with the back end of the blog, what is “under the hood” that drives it. It has to do with the WordPress engine and data base. The wonderful people who give me tech support are “coincidently” hampered from assisting. No blame to them. Circumstances are too amazing.

Blog problems cropped up on the Vigil of the Feast of St. Peter and Paul. I noticed that the blog’s admin was slow. On the Feast itself, worse. Today, Sunday but the Commemoration of St. Paul, but the 6th Sunday after Pentecost.

In this period, there was a consecration of the new Abbot of the traditional Benedictine monastery in Norcia, Italy. It was the first elevation of an abbey in Italy since the 1960s. That says a lot about the life of the Church in Italy. My main blog tech fellow is an oblate of that abbey and he went to the consecration of the new Abbot. Therefore….

In this last 48 hours or so, I lost all audio settings on the laptop that handles the live stream of my Masses. I fought with it for a couple hours (after midnight), which screwed up my next day. Then I had internet problems. The problems with the blog were underway. Today, when I tried to print out notes for days Mass (I read the readings in English and give a fervorino), neither of my printers would work.

Not only that, although I just managed to replace the roof on my house (which I wouldn’t have had to do were I not treated so well by a certain bishop, leaving me financially devastated – thanks, I pray for you), I have now found other difficulties that require some urgent attention precisely in the place where my home chapel is. I am not sure, but I may have related that I am pretty sure I and this place are under siege. When I had the place painted, I anointed the walls with chrism before the painting and put Miraculous Medals and St. Benedict Medals in the nooks and crannies before the place was refloored. A priest friend of mine who is an exorcist helped me do a dual exorcism of the place. However, I keep getting indications of affliction, including one day when I entered the chapel to say Mass for the anniversary of the death of a prominent Catholic figure, and a frog was sitting on the altar.

Get the picture?

Someone doesn’t like me.

Writing this will surely bring more problems. PERSEVERE.

Friends, the axe will be falling again soon and more people will suffer. I address myself to them.

Do NOT NOT NOT waver in your dedication to being a faithful Roman Catholic. NEVER. Do NOT for a moment consider orthodoxy (massively dysfunctional and NOT the Church Christ intended). Never give up! Never Surrender!


However, I had already determined, in light of what I am hearing about a potential document attacking people who want the Vetus Ordo – while I now believe based on what I hear will indeed come on 16 July, the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (again) – is not only aimed at diocesan priests (guys like me, though I’ve been partially cancelled) it is aimed at bishops. I believe that they are going to be forbidden to use the Pontificale Romanum.

This is sacramental contraception.
In view of what I think is on the way, I had intended to post for the Feast of the Most Precious Blood – 1 July – an urgent plea for prayers for defense of the Traditional Latin Mass. I wanted to urge people to take action now for home chapels and to network with the priests.

I’ll postpone some other comments about what I think is going on. This is the auxiliary bridge.

I ask prayers for the protection of the Holy Angels from spiritual and temporal harm.






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