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  • Daily Rome Shot 1064 – NEW ABBOT!

    Figs are in season. Please remember me when shopping online and use my affiliate links.  US HERE – UK HERE  WHY?  This helps to pay for health insurance (massively hiked for this new year of surprises), utilities, groceries, etc..  At no extra cost, you provide help for which I am grateful. HEY!  v*********  and a****.w**** – My thank you […]

  • 1 July – Most Precious Blood and the Feasts of St. Junipero Serra and St. Aaron, brother of Moses

    A thought for you: Though we all may be different in height or sex or shape of eye and color of skin, we all bleed the same red Our Savior bled for our sins. Our unifying human blood, divinely infused, courses ruddy within His risen veins, His glorious and still lacerated Sacred Heart! What a […]

  • 30 June 2024: What’s going on?

    As I write, there is a big problem with the back end of the blog, what is “under the hood” that drives it. It has to do with the WordPress engine and data base. The wonderful people who give me tech support are “coincidently” hampered from assisting. No blame to them. Circumstances are too amazing. […]